Vlog—Reality Check: What is Homeschooling Abuse?

Why We Have to Talk About Homeschooling and Child Abuse

Types of abuse in homeschooling environments (content warning: contains descriptions of abuse)

Warning Signs

What if I Suspect Child Abuse?

40 Ways to Support Homeschool Kids in Bad Situations

Coalition for Responsible Home Education — contains many other helpful links, hotlines, and articles about abuse and neglect and other warning signs, plus information on initiatives in various US states to try to change homeschooling regulations to combat the rampancy of homeschooling abuse.

Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out — offers resources to help those who’ve suffered, both in remedying educational deficiencies and also with psychological issues, self-harm, and a section for support of those survivors who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Homeschoolers Anonymous — an anonymous blog for survivors to share their stories.

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  1. Thanks for this. As you said in the video, it’s not an issue I’ve ever really heard about, and I’m glad that you’ve made me aware.

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