Vlog—Reality Check: Thoughts, Angers, Fears about Disability

Article on UK welfare reform and reports of suicidal ideation and behavior among the disabled

Sexual assault rates among the disabled

Canadian Women’s Foundation info on violence against women with disabilities

Don’t Judge By Appearances (regarding parking harassment)
Looks Can Be Deceiving (also on parking harassment)

Just Take Something! (regarding unsolicited unqualified medical advice)

Invisible disabilities statistics


Signal boost for my favorite trans* YouTubers, some of the most inspiring and strong people I know—
Ryan Cassata
Kat Blaque
Jake Edwards
Alex Bertie
Elvin Pederson-Nielsen’s moving TED Talk about educating about gender norms and what we can do as individuals every day to make the future better for all of us

Also huge props to Mo & Adrienne, if you’re out there. Your strength, grace, and determination taught me so much early on about what real courage looks like, and the kind of person we should all aspire to be. I miss & love you both.

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