Vlog—Reality Check: The Face of Pain

A lot of people, especially older people, make the mistake of addressing me as if I’m as healthy as I appear. Appearing healthy is a good protective measure for me—but it can present as a problem when I’m friends with someone and I need you to understand that I’m in a lot of pain even though I don’t look it. I hope this video can prove useful to those who are friends with someone with invisible illness and disability, or perhaps inspire others (ill, disabled, and otherwise) to share their experiences of invisible pain.

Third blog in as many days! A lot of this is material I’d been working on for some time and had the chance to get to near-completion while fired up at the NOW conference, but when I got back I was physically and psychologically a wreck.

After a week of rest, I’m finally able to start finishing some of these posts and clear the board for next week’s challenge, which will be a second draft of an article I’m writing for Alternate ROOTS’s ‘Notes from the Field.’

I’m getting some great support from them on this, but keep your fingers crossed for me anyway? It’s really important to me to get this as good as I can make it.

Thanks for reading & watching! Take care of you.

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