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  1. You are so so so right about the need to talk about these things with the people we have relationships with… I always find it weird when people don’t want to talk about the kind of relationship we have. Even if someone just says ‘it makes me feel x when you say y’ I think that’s helpful because I’ve almost always been trying to be nice/helpful when I say y, and don’t realise it’s actually making them feel worse unless they tell me! And what you said about gifts that have strings attached really resonates with me. I had a friend who would give me stuff all the time and it made me so uncomfortable because it really felt to me as though she was trying to buy my friendship… I’m rather ashamed to say that instead of talking openly with her about it I just phased her out (there’s some trendy word for it but I forget). It was a few years ago when I was ill and went to hospital for a while and I just couldn’t deal with it. But yeah, gifts are a sensitive subject with me.

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