Signal Boost: LGBTQIA+ & Latinx voices re: Orlando Pulse

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I want to take my cues from—and use my voice to amplify—those who have been hurt most by the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

This particularly from the first article:

8. Remember That It’s Not Just Pulse.

Pulse should most definitely be getting the greatest of attention at this moment in time. But that’s not to say that, once the news has died down, you think, “Man, sure glad that’s over.”

Because it’s not over. It’s never over. We deal with this kind of fear and hate on a daily basis. It’s just that Pulse was so bad and so atrocious on such a direct scale of attention that it actually made the news.

But we’ve been dying long before this and likely will continue to do so – especially my siblings of color, like the Latinx population of which were the showcase at Pulse that night.

But the violence has always been around us; it’s just usually shoved into silence by those in power. 40% of homeless kids are LGBTQIA+ because their families either kick them out or abuse the hell out of them. A transgender person – usually a trans woman of color – is murdered every 29 hours.

Daily harassments – from off-the-cuff slurs to threatening gestures to physical harm – are so prevalent that they can’t even be properly recorded; they are so far off the charts that the charts can’t keep up.

Some dude headed to LA Pride this same weekend with rifles, ammo, and presumed explosives was thankfully caught in advance. The list goes on for so long that I could write a separate article just unpacking the violence surrounding our community.

If you’re local to Raleigh/Durham NC

The LGBT Center of Raleigh, NC is having drop-in support today until 5:30pm. There’s also a Raleigh Allies meeting tonight, with an update on HB2.

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